Cliff Fall at Burton Bradstock

Yesterday saw one of the largest cliff falls to happen along our section of the Jurassic Coast, with 2 falls happening one after the other in the same spot.

The fall happened about 400 yds along from Freshwater Holiday Park and it is estimated that over 400tons of rocks fell, forming a pile approximately 10m high. A walker was caught up in the fall and has been recovered from the scene after a long search and rescue effort by all of the local emergency services. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of all concerned.

Although this stretch of coastline is known for it iconic limestone golden cliffs , the risk of cliff falls is always there. Signs are on show in the local car parks informing people of the dangers and advising people not to sit or walk under the base of the cliffs. Only last week the local council issued a warning that due to the recent heavy rainfall, people should stay away from the cliff face. These cliffs are known to be subject to erosion on a regular basis and only last February there was another cliff fall nearer to the Hive Beach Café.

The National Trust Wardens are onsite down at Hive Beach providing general and safety information about the cliffs and the beaches.

The beach around Freshwater remains closed today although it is open along towards Cogden and on East Beach, West Bay. The café is open and the roads are clear, so there are plenty of spots to enjoy the coast and the beach which are not directly under the cliffs.

No photos available right now.

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