Discovery pack has three effective CBD oil blends to help you focus, amplify shared moments and bring balance back. 12ml. 2400MG CBD


Introducing our collection of miniature essential oil roll-ons, designed to allow our customers to experience all three OTO moments - Focus, Amplify and Balance. Combining high quality CBD with Ayurverdic essential oils, Focus is designed to help you concentrate, Amplify to help you socialise and Balance to help you find calm. This trio of 4ml oils are perfect to travel with and make a nice gift for loved ones


How to use: Roll on temples or wrists 3 times a day. By rolling our terpene-rich oils directly onto areas of your skin where the veins are close to the surface (wrists and temples), the CBD is absorbed transdermally.

(Description from OTO CDB website) 

OTO CBD Roll-On Discovery pack