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Our commitment to the environment

Here at the Hive, our vision is to serve our customers with fresh, locally, and ethically sourced produce, prepared with love in inspiring coastal locations. We are dedicated to maintaining high levels of quality while minimizing our environmental impact. Here's a closer look at our environmental consciousness and sustainable practices:


Locally and Ethically Sourced Produce: We have forged strong relationships with local suppliers, including farmers and fishermen, who provide us with exceptional ingredients. By sourcing locally, we reduce transportation emissions and support our community. These partnerships enable us to deliver the highest quality dishes while keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.


Reducing Single-Use Plastic: We have taken steps to reduce single-use plastic in our restaurant. We have replaced plastic straws with paper straws and use paper bags instead of plastic ones. Additionally, we have embraced canned water as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles.


Sustainable Takeaway Packaging: Our takeaway packaging is supplied by NOTPLA, a company that creates boxes coated with seaweed. These boxes naturally disappear, similar to fruit peels, and do not rely on harmful plastics or chemicals. We are proud to support NOTPLA, winners of the Earth Shot Prize 2022, in their mission to combat plastic waste.


Supporting Local Suppliers: We actively encourage our local suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. Our onsite micro bakery has transitioned from plastic packaging to wood pulp packaging. Moreover, we advocate for the use of reusable crates rather than plastic in our deliveries. We are committed to working with suppliers who share our environmental values.

Beach Clean Initiatives: We take pride in preserving our coastline's beauty and cleanliness. Our team participates in regular beach cleans to ensure our shores remain free from plastic and litter. We actively encourage our customers, locals, and holidaymakers to refrain from having beach BBQs, as they can cause damage to the environment and pose fire risks.


Supporting Marine Conservation: We are proud supporters of The National Lobster Hatchery. Through their "Buy One, Set One Free" scheme, we contribute to the protection and longevity of lobster populations in our seas. By sponsoring and promoting the hatchery, we ensure that future generations can enjoy responsibly sourced lobster with us.


Sustainable Oil Usage: We collect and repurpose our used cooking oil to create high-quality biofuels for transportation. This practice ensures that our oil usage is truly sustainable and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.


At Hive, we continually strive to monitor and improve our products and processes to remain environmentally aware and sustainable. By dining with us, you are not only indulging in delicious cuisine but also supporting our commitment to a greener future.

Join us on this journey as we work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly dining experience on the beautiful Jurassic Coast.

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